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I was born in the spring of 1969 under the sign of Aries, one of the fire signs in Western Astrology, and the Maple Tree in Celtic Astrology, standing for 'independent mind'.

Nature has always been magical to me. Just seeing the magic of putting a little seed in the ground and see it grow under the nourishment of Mother Earth, that still baffles me. Seeing returning the bubbling life after winter in springtime, happening year after year no matter what, that was magic for me as a little girl and still seems like magic to me now. Being an adult now, I still can't help myself to gather little natural treasures I discover during my walks. I give them a special place in my cottage because it remembers me of the beauty of nature out there and the feeling of being connected to it.

Masarnen, the name I chose for my green herbal business, is all about bringing the treasures and magic of nature in its full closer to people: the vast richness of green life, beautiful colours, amazing flavours, soft silky textures, extra ordinary and exceptional properties all brought together in my handmade herbal products with some added energy of myself. In the rat race of life many of us forget that we are connected with nature as threads in a spiders web and all natures green goodies are a wonderful precious gift for every one of us.

Maple tree translated in Welsh is 'Masarnen'. Wales has a special meaning to me, it was the first Celtic nation I visited 10 years ago, inspiring my green herbal dream and taking me on an amazing green herbal journey.

Obtaining my degree as a herbalist and a food, health and lifestyle consultant in Belgium were my first steps in this journey. The topic of my thesis as a consultant was 'Longterm Stress. A case study', a discovery in the importance of relaxation of our different bodies, acknowledging it as a basic need and a key to a healthy balance, and the extra ordinary effects of natural green relaxation tools on the human physical, mental, energetic an emotional body. Formulating natural skin care and cleansing products with local wild herbs was my choice of topic for my thesis as a herbalist. I am fascinated about wild herbs. I did research in their properties especially for our outside and experimented a year in formulating skin products with them. It was astounding what diversity I found among these wild herbs in using them in skin care and cleansing products. Horsetail, Comfrey, Red Clover, Yarrow, Burdock, Cornflower to name some of them, all herbs we encounter in the wild, are no weeds to me, but important ingredients in many of my products.

I am, after 10 years of working with natures green treasures, still amazed about the diversity of herbs, what you can do with them and the effects they have on people. I am energised by creating and formulating new herbal products. Combining knowledge, experience and research in the creative process of formulating new recipes, make them and finally try that little bit of magic out, still gives me an energetic trill after all those years. So I don't think I will stop creating new stuff for a while I think, that's what keeps me going!

With my different product lines I choose to focus on green natural relaxation, balance, energy, feel good, care and cleansing because these are in my opinion important keys to a dynamic and healthy life. Giving these keys the attention of green natural tools brings so much joy, inner peace and tranquillity, and opens up doors to change and growth. Nature takes care of us if we just let her!

I’ve been bitten by the green vibe of our nature and hope you will be as passionate in using these herbal products as I am in creating them, and you will join me in this vibrant green journey of mine!

July 2014


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