MasarnenGreen Balance

'Balance is an important key to our well - being'

Being in balance and maintaining balance is for many of us a journey on a rocky road. Balance is though necessary to have inner harmony and participate fully in the dynamics of life. Many herbs can support you finding your balance and putting you back on the right track. Masarnen's massage oils and bath salts Harmonic Balance and Optimistic Balance are specially developed for this reason, but the Sunny Mood blend of our infusions will also do the trick


MasarnenGreen Relaxation

‘Relaxation is basic to our well - being’

Human primary basic needs are a necessity of human live. They define our primary link to nature, they are the fundamentals of all aspects of life. Breathing, eating and sleeping are evident as primary basic needs, not so common known is relaxation, influencing the other primary needs when neglected. Being unable to relax creates a feeding soil to breath superficially, for sleeping problems, to eat less and unhealthy. Deep relaxation is necessary to deal with the negative energy of impressions and experiences. It is putting all mental activity on hold and to be ‘thought free’. Being able to achieve a state of deep inner relaxation is no wishful thinking with natural green means, supporting you to find relaxation on a deep level in an comfortable, easy and practical way. Masarnen's Relax Ointments in different fragrance combinations are a very practical tool to relax in an easy way. Others prefer maybe the Chill Out Infusion or a little soak with the Relax Bath Salts with Rosewood, Lavender or Palma Rosa. Or you can try out the Harmonic Tranquillity massage oil.


MasarnenGreen Energy

‘Green energy gives necessary fuel for our well - being‘

Giving our selves not only the necessary but also the right energy makes well being no wishful thinking. Many herbs have the special property to enhance or increase your energy in a green way. Masarnen's Dynamic Vitality bath salt or massage oil provides a real green energy kick. Or those who are not a morning person and feel the need to a wake up energy boost, try the Wakey Wakey or Morning Start Infusion.


MasarnenGreen Feel Good

‘Thé most important sentiment to our well - being’

‘Feeling good’ in our body, ‘feeling good’ in our mind, ‘feeling good’ full of energy, ‘feeling good’ with our emotions….. In all feeling good about our selves as a whole and feeling good with the dynamics of our life. A lot of Masarnen's products help you to establish this ‘feel good’ sentiment. All perfumes are formulated with this purpose. The massage oils and bath salts Sweet Amor, Passionate Love and Sensual Enjoy give you that extra boost of ‘feeling good’. The Sunny Mood infusion helps to drive away the dark clouds and let the sun shine again in your self.


MasarnenGreen Care

‘Be well with care in and out’

Caring about your well being is taking good care of your in and outside. Your physical inside is giving the extra fuel that it needs by drinking herbal infusions and fruit juices, using lots of herbs preparing food, eating lots of fruit and vegetables, using vegetable oils, eating nuts and seeds. Masarnen's Herbal Mixes and Gomasios not only give extra flavour to your dishes but provides the care your inner body needs. Your physical outside, your skin is not only a graduated scale for well being, but is also an important organ with diverse essential bodily functions. Taking care of our skin, male and female, is thus not a luxury. Masarnen has a diverse range in Skin Care herbal products supporting you in caring for your skin from top to toe.


MasarnenGreen Cleansing

‘Be well with cleansing in and out’

Caring about your wellbeing is give inner and outer cleansing the attention that it needs. Neglecting the importance of inner cleansing leads to all sorts of discomforts and complaints. The Himalayan and Dead Sea Bath Salts will help you to detox your inner body. But the Spring Clean infusion will be as much effective. Neglecting the importance of skin cleansing leads to damage skin, skin infections and numerous skin complaints. Skin cleansing means removing ‘dirt’ produced by your own body and ‘dirt and dust’ from external influences without destroying the self regulating system and the own ecosystem of your skin. Masarnen has a diverse range in Skin Cleansing herbal products supporting you to cleanse and purify your outer side.


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