Skin type according to water and fat component


  • Feels not dry or oily but soft, smooth, firm and elastic
  • Pores are visible but small and contracted
  • Fresh and clear pink skin complexion
  • No flakes, red spots but sometimes pimples
  • No glossy nose, skin and forehead, no scraggy cheeks


  • Feels dry and tight
  • Pores are very fine
  • Sallow skin complexion
  • Flaky, drought wrinkles, seldom to never pimples
  • Thin, tender and frail


  • Feels extreme oily
  • Glossy skin, especially forehead, nose and chin
  • Coarse, widened and clearly visible pores, easily stopped up
  • Stale skin complexion/li>
  • Often impurities, pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, inflammations
  • Thick, rough, strongly keratosis


  • Feels dry, tight and tense
  • Pores are very fine
  • Light pink skin complexion
  • Quick sensitive reactions on external stimuli: itchy, redness, red spots, allergic reaction, quickly irritated, burns quickly in sun
  • Fine and delicate


  • Dry parts: cheeks, see dry skin type
  • Oily parts: forehead, nose, chin, see oily skin type


  • The first signs of skin aging start at the age of 30.
  • The process of skin renewing every 25 to 45 days and skin repair goes slower
  • The water component in the skin reduces, the skin feels dry and looks dry
  • The skin strength and elasticity reduces, wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet appear
  • The sebum production reduces, the skin becomes less supple.

Which Fragrance Type are you?


No one is just one type but often a combination. Mostly one or two are on the forefront.


A flowery type is easily recognized by their clothing and appearance. They find it important to look beautiful. It defines how they feel that day. A flowery type can be dressed summary in cold weather or wintery in warm weather, as long as it looks beautiful. The function of clothing comes second place.

The flowery type is enthusiastic, sometimes impulsive, and sensitive to beautiful music, colours and fragrances. They like to let themselves be pampered. They can enjoy intensively. They love luxury, are very creative and have a lively fantasy.

A flowery type can get quickly out of balance. They are very receptive to external stimuli because they are focused on the external world. The weather can determine their mood.

The flowery types like to encases themselves in luxury flower essential oils like rose, jasmine, neroli, ylang ylang, cananga, tuberose, mimosa, linden blossom.


A herby type is mostly recognized by their talent in organisation. They can’t sit still cause there is always something to do. They are always busy and can manage to do different things simultaneously. Herb types find appearance less important. They don’t care about how they look in which clothes, it just needs to be functional. Herb types like to care for people and take their problems out of their hands. They have a lot of trouble to relax so it is not surprising that they often overcharge themselves.

Herby types like to encase themselves in herby essential oils like thyme, rosemary, basil, savory, sage, marjoram, peppermint.


You can have in dept conversations with the woody type. They give insight when you are troubled are having troubles, but let the solving up to you. Their opinion or decisions are unchangeable. Their behaviour is balanced but are sometimes a bit gloomy. They are excellent leaders. The wood type is sceptical and wants to consider everything them selves. Their choice of clothes is often neutral and consciously non striking. They love everything out of nature, natural food and natural skin care products. They like to use natural materials in their house.

Woody types like to encase themselves in woody essential oils like cedar, sandalwood, cypress, rosewood, cinnamon.


A citrus type is a no-nonsense type with a positive and cheerful attitude. They like colourful and sportive clothes. They like clearness and structure en can organise very well, delegate and have for everything a solution. The citrus type is humoristic and chooses people around him with the same sentiment. They don’t like difficult people.

Citrus types like to encase themselves in citrus essential oils like lemon, grapefruit, lime, bergamot, orange, mandarin.


A root type likes to be on his own. They are researchers. Also for the own emotions and feelings. They like to go deep in this inner search and can have a gloomy, depressive energy. The root type gives insight and can give advises for a better balance. You find a kind shoulder with them and receive understanding and respect. They have a lot of patience and like to take their time for you. The root type likes peace and space and doesn’t like to work full time. They love warm colours and comfortable fabrics. They are often evening and night people and don’t like fake appearances.

Root types like to encase themselves in root essential oils like vetiver, iris, nardus, ginger, angelica.


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