“Combined herbs work as an synergetic force”

Masarnen takes great care in putting the right herbs together in one product. Each herb is carefully chosen not only for their specific individual properties but also for strengthen the properties of the other herbs. The combined herbs work together in an synergetic way, a combined force where each individual herb support the property of the others resulting in an exceptional and special powerful herbal product.

Although for example Calendula has excellent wound healing properties, Masarnens wound ointment also contains Chamomile, Plantain, Lavender and honey, all having wound healing properties themselves but with just a little different accent. Synergetic combined they give a powerful and more intensified ointment to heal all sort of wounds.

Masarnens Chill Out infusion combines the herbs Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Linden, Passionflower and Jasmine working together by supporting each others relaxing property. Although using each of these herbs separately will relax you with their little different accents, by putting them together they give a stronger intensified effect.



“The result is more than the sum of the separate parts”

Masarnen formulates all herbal products in a certain way that the gestalt principle is applicable on each of them.

Unifying different individual herbs as a whole in my herbal products have qualities that cannot be derived from a simple summation of the properties of the individual herbs. They form an gestalt offering so much more on different levels then just simply being a herbal product:


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